My cases in the news

R v Guthrie. Jury 'nobbling' led to verdicts delivered by the judge without a jury.
Buy to let empire nobbles jury

R v Chandoo. Collapse of most expensive trial in British legal history
Huge fraud trial collapses over incompetence and muddling
Fraud collapses over corruption and dishonesty

R v Arango. Acquittal in 'baby shaking' murder that changed the law
Baby shaking murder cases to be reviewed

R v Brown.  Britain's most wanted criminal

R v Cedric Brown.  Armed robbery

R v Hann. Snooker pro cleared of sexual assault

R v Speirs. The Brass Handles murders

R v Drew. Paul Daniels ex magic girl in bottle attack

R v Cheng. £6.5 million bill as 'Snakehead' trial collapses

R v Jones. Ex Coronation Street star Les Battersby prosecuted by his wife 

R v Goring.  Killer's fight for freedom

R v Essuah. Home Office passport racket 
Passport racket exposed

R v James. The Rolex murders
The Rolex murders

Re Lapdancing
Have it both ways. Dominic laps it up

R v Plesca. Shocking assault on pensioner
13 years for tying up pensioner

R v Dinc
S.20 pilot case

R v Bocchini. Rugby star "Breaking Bad" chemsex dealer
Chemsex "Breaking Bad" rugby star

R v Khan Attempted Murder
Drug and drink fuelled attempted murder