Friday, 10 May 2013

An anonymous lament at the demise of our Calling....

'Fuck em all' the description on a gift to Nadir,
May now be a trueism inescapable I fear,
For those of us labouring in our calling to law
Surely must be thinking 'what the hell for?'.

Should we just get for ourselves as much as we can,
Just as alleged against that Polypeck man?
Well my vocation, my passion my higher calling
Has been treated in a way no less than appalling.

Our wigs no longer the main cause of laughs or much mirth,
More funny that we'll be taken for all that we're worth.
That we are hostages to fortune makes me laugh till I cry,
And those representing our interests must be seriously high.

The Bar we have served and given our lives and our all
Is now making a mockery of the gift of our call.
For the proposed cut in our fees from what I can see
Is tantamount saying 'you should all practice for free'.

Most confusing to me is the loud silence from the Bar,
Not a word from these defenders of laws near and afar.
The adage 'a man representing himself has a fool for a client'
Calls to mind our representatives upon whom we're so reliant.

As barristers are bankrupted, fleeced and deceived,
Our representatives proclaim all they've achieved.
Our Bar is being murdered right under our nose,
And all we can do is wave as it goes.

Twenty years I have been fighting a cause,
Twenty years so proud of our laws,
And when Asil Nadir was told 'fuck em all'
Only the Bar missed this clarion call.

Truth is a vocation will never win
Against business or money selfish as sin.
One lives to give the other to take,
Callings can't win with those on the make.

So we soldier on,
Ignore the con,
Do right by our client,
Remaining silently defiant.

By Anonymous (we all are....)