Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Something worth reading?

You know what? I had forgotten that I had a blog over the last few days - it takes a bit of getting used to I guess. After the novelty of it all that had generated a flurrry of posts, I seem to have gone the way of most impulsive projects and suddenly died an ignominious death. Ah! But like Lazarus (or to be less sacrilegious) like the phoenix from the ashes, my musings are herewith risen from the grave for those interested in the flames lovingly fanned from the embers of what I generously call a blog.

So. What has been interesting me of late? I have to say that the most amazing part of my week has been my perusal of my blog 'stats'. Apparently close on 1500 enlightened individuals have visited my cyber contributions to the mass of miscellanea that characterises the internet. I was thrilled until a closer inspection of the statistical data my provider discloses revealed that the grandiose figure I have quietly crowed about includes my own visits to my homily to all thoughts I have dubiously penned in my own name. Oh deceptive statistical data! You cyber sirens, you! You denizens of deceptions!! I curse thee for allowing me to believe I have anything like a readership - in the traditional sense, I mean. For I may have a large statistical perusal of my words of wisdom. Unfortunately I am of the depressing but immutable opinion that 99% of the accesses to my worthy but as yet unknown blog might be my own!! Hmm....what positive can be taken from this disappointing state of affairs?...Well, at a stretch I suppose I can at least say that my readership is of the most discerning kind! As coincidence would have it, of exactly the calibre of the author himself! With the exception of those two brave followers prepared to advertise their affiliation to my virtual offerings! Two those two trailblazing souls, I can only promise this - you are likely to remain an exclusive and prescient duo - ahead of your time, this time, and just in time to save these pages being consigned to timeless oblivion. For all time, metaphorically speaking, of course. To those of my 1500 hits not my own, I say this - why not stand up and be counted and officially follow me? You know you will be eventually discovered and proverbially outed if I remain your 'guity pleasure' (to quote one Cheryl Cole in her critique of an x factor boy band (boy being the operative word) looking every inch many miles before the age of consent!

Hmm...on reflection, I have to accept there is no point being affiliated to the blog of an author such as me - to do so would be somewhat risque as thus associated with a maverick and flawed but unique member of the bar. Not for everyone. Certainly not for those cautious and conservative majority that characterise our ranks as lawyers.

NB If that reverse psychology did not get to you, sign up anyway....;)

Finally, a word to a hoofy and very dear solicitor of mine (in the broadest sense as she never instructs me).....whatever you say, you read it! All of it!