Monday, 8 November 2010

And so it begins

Late on a school night when I should sensibly be in bed, I have decided to start a blog. I am as yet unsure quite what a blog is and feel like a pupil on his feet for the first time in some far flung and godforsaken Magistrates Court - insecure and inadequate. But fear not, I am sure I will soon get with the programme and in no time be worthy of that moniker 'blawgger' I sometimes see bandied about on the internet - as an insult or compliment it seems, in equal measure...'blawgger' is clearly a term that is context sensitive! Rather like the word 'bad' used by kids these days. A particularly youthful client of mine recently told me I was 'bad' after I had given a closing speech on his behalf and I have to say I felt like smacking the ungrateful sprogg who clearly had not understood the genius of my address to the jury. It was a good thing I did not give him a clout as I later discovered 'bad' meant good! 'You're bad, man!' in this context was apparently a compliment. On the other hand when the numerous and unfortunate passengers in my car tell me I am a bad driver they, apparently, mean precisely that! With the exception of that youthful client I drove to the train station after he was acquitted. I was late and driving like I had stolen my car and I suspect his gleeful cries of 'that's bad, man' were meant to be complimentary.

Less confusing was the compliment I received today from my Co - Defending barrister in the case I am currently defending. His kind words were all the more touching because I am running a 'cut throat' defence, blaming his client for the offence. After I finished my speech and returned to the robing room to remove my wig and gown he came up to me and said 'Dom, that was a bravura performance. Old school advocacy. I have enjoyed the way you have conducted the whole trial and you are a class act!'. What a lovely thing for him to have said! And a rarity in a bitchy and conceited profession. More than that I must remember 'bravura'! What a lovely word!

Anyway, so ends my first offering on my blog. Not sure how I get anyone other than myself to read it, but its a start! Its long past what should have been my bedtime and I am starting another trial in the morning.